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Ressano Garcia users in a meeting promoted By SeW and MCLI

Ressano Garcia users in a meeting promoted By SeW and MCLI

30 October 2013


The introduction of the new transit regulation and implementation of the respective functionalities in SeW, spotted the need to inform and clarify procedures to the users of Ressano Garcia (RG) border in order to avoid constraints resulting from miss interpretation of the new Ministerial Diploma nº 116/2013 of 08th August.

In this context, was held in partnership with MCLI - Mozambique Logistic Corridor Initiative at “Border Inn” conference center- Komatiport border, a meeting involving clearing agents, freight forwarders (FFW), transporters, trade operators and Single Electronic Window (SeW) team which was led by the Customs manager of RG border aiming to clarify besides the aspects related to the changes in transit regulation and its benefits regarding the handling of goods in transit, issues related to the new SeW functionalities.

Barbara Mommen, MCLI representative proceeded with the welcome speech and thanked the participants, especially customs senior managers and SeW team for the availability and ongoing support in the resolution of specific issues to improve the system for the aimed   customs clearance system perfection.

On the other hand, Lavinia Macul, DGA Senior Manager for SeW proceeded with clarifications on some relevant articles of the new transit regulation without forgetting to mention the benefits brought aiming the transit facilitation, regarding limitation of means of transport per declaration; guaranty management (debit/credit) and, permanence of goods in transit in the warehouse.

In addition, SeW team detailed about the new functionality of adding means of transport (MOT) in the system which shall be done on the tradenet side to enable the advance addition of MOT by the clearing agent and freight forwarders in order to reduce the long waiting time by trucks drivers at the border.

During the meeting several concerns related to the SeW operational flow were presented, namely the weight discrepancy in the declaration (SAD 502) and means of transport, and limitation on the number of users with submission rights for MOT addiction in the system with impact on clearance times and costs.

Daude Daia, Ressano Garcia Manager, concerning to the SAD 502 processing clarified  to the participants about the need of printing and ensure that driver holds it during the transit route to present to the customs authorities at the borders (entry and exit).

Daude Daia, as a response to some of the complaints related to additional costs charged at Ressano Garcia border, discouraged any payments except the duties and taxes values reflected on the invoice payment issued by the SeW system, as foreseen in the Law.