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Single Electronic Window project 49th Edition of FACIM

Single Electronic Window project 49th Edition of FACIM

26 August 2013


On the scope of FACIM 2013 49th  edition held the last week of August of the current year in Marracuene – Ricatla, Single Electronic Window - SeW project at a stand allocated in "Tenda do Contribuinte" explored the opportunity to expose customs clearance system with the aim to acquaint the visitors the new service provided by SeW, its objectives and benefits in the context of modernizing public services and trade facilitation.

SeW stand mostly attracted foreign investors, which after presenting the concerns they had clarification regarding:
  • Laws;
  • Procedures and;
  • Benefits of implementing an electronic system.
The presence of customs clearance system in the 49th edition of FACIM also allowed the re-importation process of the goods displayed by the various national and international exhibitors present at the venue.

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