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Social Responsability  - Extention of laboratory for Covid-19 testing

Social Responsability - Extention of laboratory for Covid-19 testing

02 July 2020

The City of Nampula was recently declared the first point in the country with community transmission of the new coronavirus, due to the “dramatic evolution of cases with an unknown transmission chain”.

The MCNet - Mozambique Community Network, responsible for the implementation of the Customs system - SeW, within the scope of social responsibility activities, in the Health area, proceeded today, July 2nd, with the delivery of complete diagnostic laboratory equipment and the respective test kits, for a total of 15 thousand Tests to the Ministry of Health in Nampula.

This laboratory equipment, valued at 35 million Meticais, will serve to reinforce the capacity to identify the outbreaks for further action to stop the expansion of the pandemic in our country.

The protection of human life, embodied in your health, is part of the main values of MCNet as part of the development of human capital in Mozambique, which is the center of the entire process of economic and social development.

The equipping of the laboratory at the Provincial Hospital of Nampula for COVID-19 is in addition to other actions carried out by MCNet in the area of Health, such as Diabetes and Newborn hearing testing.

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