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Legal customs platform strengthened for trade facilitation

Legal customs platform strengthened for trade facilitation

23 November 2012

The legal customs framework has just been reinforced in favour of trade facilitation, through the Ministerial Diploma (MD) 314/2012 of 23 November approving the regulation of the Authorized Economic Operator – AEO.


Published in November 2012, the law introduces a new statute intended for economic agents that operate with international trade by meeting the requirements set by the MD, also aiming to ensure trade facilitation and the acceleration of the clearance of goods in the country.

With the approval of this document eligible traders have the opportunity to request the assignment of the status of authorized economic operator, which consists of obtaining additional benefits within the business as importer and/or exporter.

At the SeW system level, the AEO (Blue Channel) stages that separate the time of entry of the goods into the customs clearance and the same with the customs offices are automatically deleted.