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South Region - Benefits of vehicles clearance at Entry Border Point

South Region - Benefits of vehicles clearance at Entry Border Point

23 September 2013

With the aim of continuous efforts to improve the services provided by Mozambique customs through SeW, on the past 23 September, clearance of vehicles for permanent import at the entries points, stared in Namaacha Customs delegation and Maputo International Maritime Cargo Terminal and will gradually extend to other entry point of the country.

For vehicles that its declarations had been submitted and paid up to the date of above instruction, authorizations for transfer to inland international terminals of vehicles have been issued with customs escort to enable the clearance of those vehicles.

Additionally, as a temporary measure Mozambique customs banned the entry of vehicles as definitive import regime through Goba border, being that traffic directed to Namaacha border.

To maximize the above measure by the external trade operators in the point of entry of the custom territory, since the inspection certificate has been obtained, submission of declaration and payment of duties and other taxes can occur before the vehicle arrives at the border making custom clearance process faster.

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