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Transit operationalization in SeW

Transit operationalization in SeW

28 June 2013

Triggers lack of proficiency in operations and transit

Since, April 1st beginning transit regime implementation, some operators of this regime are facing difficulties to comply with the new procedures for the documentation processing inherent via the electronic system.

The lack of capacity of forwarding agents in providing the necessary bonded goods guarantee amount of goods in transit as well as less efficiency on management of its used Customs top management to analyze deeply the situation with the operators.

From the various workshops held with the private sector in order to listen to the concerns, whether from the central, south as well as north region, situations that constitute embarrassment 'to facilitating trade and improving the business environment, resulting in need for reforming the laws of transit have been identified, namely Ministerial Diploma 307/2012 of November 15th. From the various proposals brought forward by the private sector, there is inclusion of more products considered as being strategic in the list of exempt goods from guarantee in terms of use and acquittal along movement of cargo in transit.

The companies operating customs transit movements in the country, should, in their  turn increase their efforts to raise their logistics processes to meet the needs of the new procedures by SeW, of which are based on best practices recommended by the World Customs Organization (WCO).