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The implementation of the Road Terminal at KM4

The implementation of the Road Terminal at KM4

21 November 2014

With the objective to provide an overview on the status of the Road Terminal of KM4 and discuss the procedures to be applied in the project, Mozambique customs met, last Friday, in Ressano Garcia, province of Maputo, with users from Maputo Corridor, namely transporters, chain of supermarkets, commercial banks, clearing agents and transit operators.

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With the implementation of the Road Terminal at KM4, that has its inauguration foreseen for the near future, Mozambique customs proposes to clear transit trucks in 15 minutes only, turning that cargo Terminal into a reference in the Southern Africa region and in the continent.

To make this happen, the Director-General of Mozambique Customs, Guilherme Mambo, pointed to the need for the participation of all trade operators in the process. “From the challenges that have been followed, it is possible to verify that the challenge to clear a transit truck from customs in 15 minutes is real, but we need to take into account that Customs do not operate alone, given that there a Terminal Operator, that have their procedures, the Operator of the scanning facility, commercial banks, clearing agents and even the truck drivers”, he highlighted.

As regards the meeting that he held with the trade operators, the Director-General of Mozambique Customs said that they have raised concerns that demonstrate their interest in supporting this project that aims to improve the customs clearance process for goods with positive impact on the business environment.

“These are genuine concerns related to the time taken to clear goods from customs, the need to improve some procedures, so as to avoid redundancies. In summary, it was an open discussion with the users of the terminal that undertook to provide all support necessary to Customs for this project to become in fact the best of in Country, in the region and, even in the continent", he stressed.

Designed to provide user with a modern, efficient environment and above all an added value, following a controlled access system, the road Terminal at KM4 is almost finished, and now finishing work is taking place.

Félix Massangaie, manager of the Customs Team at the Single Electronic Windows, explained that this system for faster clearance of goods will help in the facilitation of the flow of goods in the road terminal at KM4.

“We will not require trucks to arrive for the customs declaration to be submitted and the processing to start. The only condition that we will require is the submission of a road manifest for the goods clearance to take place. We are going to move to a situation where the flow is very fast, given that all the conditions for this to happen have been created”, he emphasized.