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New modules in preparation to start

New modules in preparation to start

04 February 2014

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The implementation of the new modules and functionalities, whose preparation process includes users training sessions, sensitization actions between customs officers affected at customs areas as well as the several users of the public services provided trough SeW, essentially aims to guaranty that the new functionalities respond to the real users needs for a slow migration of the actual environment to the electronic.

The temporary import and export module, foreseen on the article 21 of Ministerial Diploma 16/2012 that approves customs clearance of goods, constitutes one of the modules being implemented and that will allow the submission of several stakeholders’ requests electronically.

Must be referred that with the introduction of this special regime in SeW, that culminates with the duties and other taxes payment suspension for the goods, increase the mechanism efficiency in the custom control that there are subjected to.

With the manual process migration of this regime to SeW, economic agents will be having major facilitation on the submission of the information and possibility to monitor goods permanence period with transparency avoiding eventual fines resulting from the inobservance of the deadlines allowed.

Petroleum products module that in future will be processed in SeW on an experimental regime as a form of preparation for the migration, and had been target of several reflection sessions to accommodate the actual procedures as well as the inherits particularities to the types of products.

The list of new modules also integrates overstayed cargo management that will allow an easy and efficient deadline management with the possibility of making auctions process easy and control the different cargo terminals performances.