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Mozambique shines with 20 Medals in Tang Soo Do International Competition

Mozambique shines with 20 Medals in Tang Soo Do International Competition

01 July 2022


The national team of Tang Soo Do presented, on Friday, July 1st in Maputo, to the Mozambique Community Network (MCNet S.A.), the entity responsible for the implementation of the Single Electronic Window (SEW), the medals and trophies won during the modality, held in North Carolina, United States of America (USA).

Tang Soo Do's national team gesture results from the fact that MCNet is the main sponsor of the team, whose support is provided four the last four years, within the scope of the team's participation in the world championship held in 2018, during which one of the Mozambican athletes was crowned world champion in the men's senior division.

During the ceremony, Kekobad Patel, representative of the Board of Directors of MCNet, thanked the athletes for the brilliant results achieved in the most disputed international competition of Tang Soo Do, in which he won a total of 20 medals, being 14 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze.

“Supporting national sport is part of our DNA. Supporting the work that the Mozambican Tang Soo Do Association has done is extremely important to us, particularly for the results it has been achieving in an activity that is little publicized in the country”, he said.

It is a group with few athletes who, despite working in difficult conditions, have had spectacular results: “This team has raised the national flag very high outside the country, which dignifies all of us”, he stressed.
In another development, Kekobad Patel noted that MCNet will continue to support the Mozambican Tang Soo Do Association whenever conditions allow.

For the president of the Mozambican Association of Tang Soo Do, Cláudio Temporário, the route described by the selection until the world cup in the United States was troubled, due to financial difficulties.

“We have tried to take advantage of every opportunity to participate in large-scale competitions, which shows that the investment made was not in vain”, he said, stressing that MCNet has supported the association since 2018, which makes us feel at home”.

In turn, the captain of the team, Michael Lee, considered that the challenge faced by the coaches and the national coach in the preparation of the team was enormous, above all, because they are new athletes with little experience in world championships. “With less than half of the athletes who had the team that participated in the competition in 2018, we got the same number of gold medals, which is a huge achievement”, he concluded.

It should be noted that Henrique Gouveris, won three gold medals and won the title of world champion in color belts.