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Improvements in international commerce increase positioning Doing Business Ranking 2014

Improvements in international commerce increase positioning Doing Business Ranking 2014

02 November 2013

The World Bank report published annually reveals Mozambique’s rise in three positions compared to last year 2013, that is related to two reforms undertaken in the current year on the areas of international trade and building license obtainment.

On the international trade it’s referred that, the implementation of Customs Single Electronic Window System, facilitated international trade, in the sense that it reduced the use of paper on the processes as well as the time of clearance, since the information is introduced only once, and is made available to all stakeholders in the customs clearance process at a real time.
How Mozambique and comparator economies rank on the ease of trading across borders. Source: Doing Business database
In that sense was considered as measurement indicators, the number of documents required for import and export, clearance process time, as well as the cost to import and export per container on customs processes in general.

Mozambique is in the 131st position in doing business ranking in total of 189 economies worldwide.

The phase II of the implementation of SeW which includes among others modules, the addition of Ministries or goods licensing services electronically, and investments and control agencies, may further contribute to improve the business environment and enhance international competitiveness of enterprises in the country.

The chart below illustrates the comparative figures of the international trade in Mozambique over the average in sub-Saharan Africa.
Summary of procedures and documents for trading across borders in Mozambique. Source:Doing Business database