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Malawi seeks mozambican experience

Malawi seeks mozambican experience

13 August 2012

The possibility of cooperation in relation to the movement of goods in the region, the modernization process of customs taking place in our country, through the introduction of the SeW, led a delegation of the Malawian Customs to visit Maputo recently.
The Malawians wanted, during this three-day visit, to agree on mechanisms of connectivity between the two countries in order to ensure the efficient exchange of information and foreign trade transit control.

The visit was also aimed at gaining the experience of Mozambique, regarding the implementation of modern clearance systems - the Single Electronic Window.
No During the meeting, the Mozambican team of the SeW implementation system presented the project currently in use in three major ports of the country, namely Maputo, Beira and Nacala, including Tete Customs.

Shadric Namalomba, customs representative of Malawi said at the time that “we believe the experience of Mozambique with regards to the functioning of the Single Electronic Window is a reality and we want to take this time to learn the necessary steps for the introduction of this system in Malawi”.

Mozambique is one of the pioneers to implement the system, with the objective of facilitating external trade and enhancing regional integration among SADC countries.

On his turn, the head of the International Cooperation Division in the Mozambique Tax Authority, Gimo Jone said that “there is a need for Mozambique to share its experience with its neighbours, so that the system is implemented in full and thus avoid problems of connectivity between the customs IT systems”.


The Malawian delegation also toured the facilities of the Revenue Authority, BCI, CTA, TIMAR and the SeW Training Centre.

The Single Electronic Window project is currently in use in several parts of the world, and in Africa, three countries have this kind of system, including Ghana, Madagascar and Mozambique.