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MCNet S.A promotes national startups in Moztech 6th edition

MCNet S.A promotes national startups in Moztech 6th edition

17 May 2019

Mozambican Community Network - MCNet S.A. participated in Moztech 6th edition fair, which took place at Katembe Arena 3D from 15th to 17th May. For this year, with the aim of promoting national startups as a way of contributing to the development of various public sector services not only through technology, MCNet S.A. as a strategic partner has provided to the startups winners a reserved place for them to present and exhibit their products and services.


MCNet S.A. is a PPP whose objective is to provide the Mozambican Customs with tools to facilitate trade and improve the business environment with innovative technological solutions designed to make the international trade accessible through the Single Electronic Window.

Rogério Samo Gudo, CEO of MCNet S.A. said: "Looking at what the Moztech platform offers, we think that it is a very critical solution because it allows us not only to interact with those who are the taxpayers, but also to those who will become future taxpayers."

Samo Gudo also said that another strong reason to join the Moztech is that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are being developed and that the whole chain needs to be developed. "Although ICTs have enormous potential, they need to be encouraged to develop the whole chain. We often think that ICTs are the solution to the reform of public services, but it is not as such. "

MCNet S.A. also contributed on the Panel of the New Tax Paradigm in the Digital Era, where Ciro Cardoso, MCNet's Service Development Manager, spoke about some technologies implemented in the Mozambique Revenue Authority, the Mozambican Customs Single Electronic Window, which must be integrated with the other agencies and departments of the State involved in the clearance system and there must be an expansion of means of payment, not limited to banking institutions.