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Launching of the SeW in the UBA Bank

Launching of the SeW in the UBA Bank

09 July 2015


Mozambique customs managed to collect more than 78 thousand millions of meticais to the State since the introduction of the Single Electronic Window (SeW), the faster system for the clearance of goods, in 2011.

This amount corresponds to approximately 800 thousand customs declarations submitted since the entry into operations of this electronic platform, and this contributed to the reduction of time and cost to clear goods through customs and, consequently, led to the improvement of the business environment in the Country and more control by customs authorities.

According to Félix Massangaie, Director of Regimes, Custom Tariff Schedule and Manager of the Single Electronic Windows, in a speech during the presentation of the first public online service in the United Bank of Africa (UBA) “these numbers result from the dynamic that this platform brought to the customs clearance system in the Country and the increasing accession to the platform by the operators”.

Since 2011 “we introduced the SeW and covered all modules related to import and this has had impact to the state in terms of revenues and for the private sector because it has reduced significantly the time to clear goods through customs, apart from having contributed to the reduction of cost and its operationalization in the ports, airports, borders and warehouses", explained Félix Massangaie.

This improvement in the system for clearing goods through customs was also recognized by Rogério Samo Gudo, Chairman of the Board of MCNet that made a positive assessment of the introduction of the SeW in Mozambique.

“The major gain was the reduction in time, steps and costs to clear goods through customs. Today it is possible to process declarations in less than 24 hours. This has a positive impact in the commercial transactions, in the private sector e in the reduction of operational costs of Mozambique customs", said Rogério Samo Gudo.

On his turn, Leonardo Simão, Chairman of the Board of the United Bank for Africa (UBA), considered that “the Single Electronic Window represented an advancement in the process of improving the business environment in the Country”.

“In the past the customs clearance process for goods used to take longer and represented more costs and delays in making products available to the market or for their processing. With the SeW, the economy, companies and the citizens win", said Leonardo Simão. 

It is worth noticing that the SeW System, introduced by MCNet, as a result of a public-private partnership, enables the submission of standardized information through a single point of point of contact.