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Lançamento da JUE no Banco Procredit

Lançamento da JUE no Banco Procredit

04 April 2014


The Procredit Bank, after signing last August the accession agreement intermediation in revenue collection with the Mozambique Revenue Authority, opened officially on the 31st March the its network of branches to start collecting customs revenue, in a ceremony attended by Customs Director General Guilherme Mambo. This way Procredit Bank become the 9th bank participating in revenue collection through the SYSTEM OF ALL OF US.

Must be referred that the launching ceremony also took place simultaneously in Sofala and Nampula aiming not only to acquaint the clients about the new services provided as well as to clarify about the service relevant aspects, its benefits and advantages.

The Customs Director General referred on his speech that “more than 405 thousands customs declarations were submitted through the SeW since the implementation in September 2011 up to February of the current year, bringing to the Government Treasury more than 1.5 billion United State of America dollars of duties and other customs taxes.

In addition Mr. Mambo said that “the system was already implemented in 56 sites connected to the Customs Management system (CMS) network, that includes customs offices customs terminals among others and that represents the largest project in terms of coverage; technological complexity ever implemented in the country functioning with the perspective of increase of  trade facilitation and improvement of customs control.

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