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The Omnis Service is launched

The Omnis Service is launched

26 January 2012

As part of the celebrations of the International Customs Day SGS launched a new product called OMNIS in the market. This is the most advanced technological solution for tracking goods.

On the occasion, EGov Solutions Product Manager of SGS, Philippe Isler, said “With the implementation of the SEW, today, Mozambique is moving to the forefront of all operations of the Single Electronic Window in the continent and there is no doubt that in the next 12 months Mozambique will be enjoying the most advanced Single Electronic Window system in the continent and, by combining a solution such as OMNIS and making it compatible and integrated with the Single Window system, we will be increasing the effectiveness of the supply chain”.

OMNIS will make the supply chain of goods more transparent and will ensure the safety of international trade. With the introduction of OMNIS, trade routes of users will become more attractive to carriers, as well as for its trading partners, because this service will eliminate the costs of escorting goods within the national borders of the country, and provides a service from one point to the other.

SAVI technology partner, SGS is the world’s leading company in Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification.