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SeW persists in the training of Staff serving the SeW

SeW persists in the training of Staff serving the SeW

30 June 2015

Within the efforts for the continuous improvements of the services rendered by the SeW team, a program for the rotation of staff from the support teams in the regions with an aim to establish contacts with the various realities of the country and further training of the staff resources assigned to those areas. It is important to mention that the support service comprises various levels or Customer Support Touch-Points such as the call center, and this constitutes the first moment of screening for the support through the telephone, chat or email. If the difficulties in the use of functionalities persist, in-person support follows, where the support technicians conduct visits to the premises of the user and the last support level is delivered by an advanced team, for assessing issues with impact on the functionalities of the system.

The Customer Support Center of the SeW - CAU SeW, has a tool where all the requests and their solutions are recorded, enabling a better control and assessment of the services delivered by the support technicians. The approach to the SeW Support implementation strategy that aims to facilitate the customs clearance processes through the SeW for foreign trade operators, also contributes to the development of competencies of the Staff resources and setting up of performance indicators for the area within the scope of quality control for the services delivered.