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SeW contributes to the revenue control of export of goods

SeW contributes to the revenue control of export of goods

01 November 2013

Following article 7, of Mozambique Central Bank Governor notice with reference 01/GBM/2013, from 8 March, in force since 01st of May of the current year, the electronic processing of the letter of commitment for banking intermediation for export of goods has become electronic through SeW.
However, the same document grants 06 months for processes adjustment so that on the 1st of November of 2013, all external trade stakeholders, namely clearing agents, Exporters and Commercial Banks are ready to process the letter of commitment through Customs Single Electronic Window (SeW).

Despite of being trained 128 collaborators of commercial banks, 18 collaborators of the Central Bank and more than 50 clearing agents including  assistants, SeW training team also promotes refreshment sessions for interested users  from 15 October to 01 November of the current year.

Unique Consignment Reference – utility and importance
Parallel to the implementation of letter of commitment for bank Intermediation for export of goods, was also introduced through Single Electronic Window the Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) since  that Mozambique joined the countries that follow the patterns of World Trade organization by adopting the UCR in the External Trade transactions.

With UCR assigned to international trade transactions, it is possible to identify uniquely determined consignment, either nationally or internationally.
Indeed, the UCR must be applied to all international movements of consignment and in goods for which customs control is necessary. It is also known as the reference linking all information of trade transaction since the placement  of the order or consignment of goods, by the supplier up until the time of arrival at the entry border in the country of importation and finally its delivery to the importer or consignee.

So, being the letter of commitment issued electronically, contributes on ensuring compliance of mandatory remittances resulting from exports for all banking transactions related to international trade, namely exports that must be linked to an UCR.
The acquisition of UCR by external trade operators is done through their representatives toward Customs Authority, via SeW electronic platform.