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SeW reached 100.000  declarations submitted and cleared

SeW reached 100.000 declarations submitted and cleared

15 February 2013

The system of all of us - Single Electronic Window, reached 1000.000 declarations submitted and cleared since the start of the operation in September 2011, about 18 months ago. During this period 450 million of US Dolars in customs duties and fees were collected to the state by the participating Commercial Banks through the SeW. This system is a major landmark in the process of modernization of customs.

During this period 4000 users were trained all over the country and this number includes 1117 clearing agents and their assistants, 615 staff members of the shipping agents, freight forwarders, staff members of port related companies, 225 commercial bank staff members participants in the state revenue collection via SeW, and the remaining number refers to customs officers.  

One of the major objectives of the implementation of the SeW is to bring about more efficiency in the collection of state's revenues and contribute to the reduction of costs and time in the customs clearance of foreign trade goods.
The process of the expansion of the SeW to all over the country is in progress and it is expected that this, apart from the 52 customs offices, that include cargo terminals and customs border posts, 12 more customs offices not contemplated in the previous implementation will be integrated.   

 The extension of the SeW also includes the addition of more than 15 modules and functionalities for a greater efficiency of the customs clearance process, stress being laid on the modules for the management of customs warehouse regime, customs transit regime, for applying for exemptions on-line, for the creation of the Unique Consignment reference number - UCR or to request for the Terms of Responsibility among others.

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