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Government of Sofala becomes familiar with the SEW System

Government of Sofala becomes familiar with the SEW System

11 April 2012

The implementation team of the Single Electronic Window (SEW), met with the Central Government of the Province of Sofala on the 10th of April to, among other things, get acquainted with the functioning of the SEW.

Government of Sofala and SeW  Government of Sofala and SeW
The presentation of the SEW was made in the extended session of the Provincial Government which was attended by representatives of various authorities of the provincial government, including the Ministry of Finance as an example.

The meeting aimed, on the other hand, to inform the Provincial Government about the current activities being carried out in the province in order to implement the systems in the Port of Beira, which started on April 23.

At the time, the implementation team stressed the need to involve the Government in this activity to achieve better results, since the system provides for the inclusion of ministries dealing with the clearance process, including licensing.

The SEW implementation team met with the port operators and shippers of goods in transit to announce the implementation of the system and alert them on the need to get ready, at technical infrastructure level (computers and communications) as well as for the acquisition of user profiles for submission of information to Customs via the SEW.

Remember that the SEW allows the submission of standardised information through a single point of contact, thereby fulfilling all the requirements for customs clearance.