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Goods Clearance - Collection of customs revenues through the SeW

Goods Clearance - Collection of customs revenues through the SeW

30 January 2015

The SeW system that has as main objective the safe collection of customs duties, taxes and fees through commercial banks operating in the Mozambican market, has had in the financial year 2014 its contribution in the achievement of the goals set, representing more than 70% in the total of the amounts collected by Mozambique.

The SeW with a national coverage has in its network of users 1443 foreign traders in several areas of businesses and that collaborate for the facilitation of the customs control with the use of the means available for making the paperless environment a reality.

The process if extending the use of the SeW system for all customs regimes foreseen in the legislation for customs clearance, as well as the inclusion of controlling agencies that interact in the customs clearance process, is followed by continued actions of capacity building of users through the regional training Centers created for that effect, having registered until December 2014 about 8400 trained users in the various modules and functionalities of the SeW platform.

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