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SeW Interactive Forum

SeW Interactive Forum

15 June 2017


As part of the continuous improvement of Single Electronic Window - SeW customs system, a session of SeW Interactive Forum took place in the central region - Beira, that brought together several SeW users such as Revenue Authority Officials, Clearing Agents, Freight Forwarders, Shipping Agents and Port Operators, with a the objective of presenting the main changes made on the system during the first half of 2017 and gather the experiences of the users during referred period.

The session was chaired by the Revenue Authority Delegate, Mr. Raimundo Mapandzene, SeW coordinator, Mrs. Esmeralda Machele and the Head of Provincial Customs Services who presented the communication strategy as part of the implementation of SeW, explaining the role of the Forum since its creation in 2012, which was to systematize the communication with  various trade associations and organizations, making it the focal point for all the business community to address new ideas and good practices by turning them into practicable solutions across the foreign trade.

Appealing to the participants in the event, SeW team stressed the existence of the various channels of communication for SeW support, such as:

  • Call Center Support,
  • Field Support,
  • Newsletters and
  • Notifications,
  • Interaction via Skype,
  • SMS Services.
Referring in particular to the notifications that are sent in bulk to the email addresses of SeW user’s community using a mechanism that allows monitoring of delivery and reading of the messages from the recipient side, as some give information regarding scheduled interruptions to allow the execution of system technical maintenance work.

Similar SeW Interactive Forum sessions are equally scheduled for the North and South.