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Speech of Honorable President of the Mozambique Revenue Authority

Speech of Honorable President of the Mozambique Revenue Authority

15 June 2012


Accession Agreement of the Standard Bank
To the Electronic Single Window System

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An environment of relative consumer average price deflections, encouraging signals of re-provision of credit to the economy, characterize the latest measures of the Central Bank, with the reduction of the reference interest rates, more precisely with the downward review of the marginal lending facility rate, and of the mandatory reserves, and advantages should be taken from this situation, as an opportunity, to improve the harmony between banking sector and its borrowers and the economy in general.

Standard Bank is the 6th Bank in the local market, to join the system for the collection of duties, taxes and fees through commercial banks. The six banks altogether represent 60% of the banking market share, playing an important role in the promotion of the national economy.

We encourage the bank to leap ahead, in the actions to develop banking in the economy, with more focused on expanding to remote areas, from districts to administrative posts in articulated conditions of structuring and sustainability of the investments applied.

The electronic single window platform, constitute the technological option of the Government of Mozambique, and the Tradenet, operated by MCNet, a joint venture involving SGS/Escopil, the CTA and the Mozambican Government, constitute the privileged window for interaction between the different parties involved in the electronic customs clearance for goods.

The current pilot phase, involving TIMAR Maputo, Beira and Nacala, as well as Tete Terminal, is at a very advance stage of progress, but well beyond the aspiration of the Concession contract.

From January to May (2012), an amount equivalent to more than 51 million USD were channel through the SeW, compared to the budgeted Customs Collection target, in the same period, of equivalent to 485 million USD, and that means a performance of the Sew on the global portfolio of Customs for June/May of about 10,5%, compared to the minimum expected of 40% (for TIMAR only). Or better, the productivity of the SeW is still below 25% of the target compatible with the collection potential of the Marine Terminals.

We are pleased to note that a significant % of customs declarations (known as DUs), for import and export received are processed electronically, and, as of yesterday, 6 100 declaration were processed.
Parallel to this, the training and capacity building actions, the pillar factor for making the success for technological option, have already covered a universe of 1400 professionals, of whom more that 60%, were among customs officers, clearing agents and members of the implementation team. The training for the banking sector was attended by 178 professionals, representing 12% of this universe, and this is encouraging.

With the joining of the Standard Bank Group, one of the biggest banks in our local market, and one of the most prestigious in Africa and around the World, the collection of customs duties, taxes and fees will experience an accelerated development, that will translate into a more transparency and integrity in the transmission of public assets, and a greater sustainability and competitiveness of the national economic system.

Thank you very much.