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Customs Director General meets Malawian private sector

Customs Director General meets Malawian private sector

11 October 2013

In the context of the approval of the new transit regulation (Ministerial Diploma No 116/2013 of 8 August) and its implementation on Single Electronic Window system, Guilherme Mambo, Mozambique Customs  Director General  has traveled to Malawi, the major user of transit routes in Mozambique. The Customs Director General was accompanied by two customs senior managers as well as members of the private sector operating in transit regime on Center Region - Beira and Nacala Corridor.


The activities undertaken in that neighboring country involved the High Commission in Lilongwe and the General Consulate of Mozambique in Blantyre in its preparation with the Malawians entities as well as the private community users of Mozambican border.

On behalf of Malawian Customs, the delegation were received by the Commissioner of Customs and internal tax of Malawi, Mrs. Agness Katsomba as well as other senior managers of the Malawi Revenue Authority.

During the meeting held with Malawians transporters, freight forwarders and clearing agents, several issues related to the operational flow of SeW were presented, namely the lack of process control by stakeholders in Malawi, causing sometimes constraints that result on the increase of time and clearance costs.

Engº Guilherme Mambo at the time spoke on didactic way about the implementation process of transit regime as well as the challenges faced along the way. On the other hand, the private sector members who joined the delegation to Malawi, clarified aspects related to their experience and raised issues related to the processes of port operations, as well as ongoing actions to maximize the rail routes in parallel to the SeW system.

The delegation's visit ended with a session of consultation with senior manager of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure as well as the Foreign Affairs for the definition of concrete actions for transit improvement through SeW whereby closing speech was done by the High Commissioner of Mozambique in Malawi toward Commissioner of Customs and internal duties of Malawi, Mrs. Agness Katsomba.

Customs Director General visites Biri – biri and Calomué borders

Tete province is the one that handles most goods in transit to and from the hinterland. After Cuchamano and Zobue, Calómue border always experienced miss used movements of exit and entry of transit of goods particularly with north of Malawi has destination. During his visit to Calómue, Guilherme Mambo, Customs Director General , noted with satisfaction that there were significant improvements on the trucks clearance time at the border with a visible reduction of the agglomerations that were typical 3-4 months ago.
But even then found that the poor knowledge of the SeW system by truckers and agents at the border is still a problem that must be solved to reach the clearance time wished of five minutes by truck.

The Customs
Director General also visited Biri – Biri border, where found some weaknesses related to the physical characteristics of the border and the level of preparation of the human resources placed there having promised to take actions for Biri – Biri not to be the weakest point of the all control system risking the revenue collection from Mozambique side as well as Malawians customs.

Malawi the main destination of transit moviments

The operators of cross-border trade of Malawi expressed their preference for Mozambican corridors since that business opportunities are also spotted during the route and aim an efficient partnership for the benefit of both countries.

Indeed, for better results, they appeal that in the customs area, Mozambican technicians visit that neighboring country to conduct training sessions in the use of Single Electronic Window.