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Quality Certificate ISO 27001

Quality Certificate ISO 27001

27 August 2013

The quality certification by institutions leaders  in auditing with the aim of bringing more confidence in the use of standard solutions and compliance with best practices in the processes, concerned the team of Single Electronic Window (SeW) implementation, aiming on  satisfaction of the system users as well as  facilitation on customs clearance processes though modern technologies.

Indeed, UNIVERSAL REGISTRARS, granted in August this year the ISO / IEC 27001:2005 certification to SeW project in the strands of Security at infrastructure and information Management of the data center, becoming the first distinction in Mozambique as result of the efforts undertaken on security of the information systems.
The security of Information is intended to protect and safeguarding the data focusing on the aspects of confidentiality, that ensure that the information is only available to those who are authorized to access it; Integrity, in the sense that the data is accurate, completed and does not undergo to modifications without proper authorization, at last, the Availability of which is restricted to authorized users and when it is necessary.

Must be referred that the certification on the processes provides a better understanding of the information systems, their vulnerabilities, making possible to plan adequate strategies resulting on increase of risk control levels. On the other hand, in terms of human resources raise up the need of continuous increase of knowledge and more awareness of security issues as well as the responsibilities of everyone involved in the information management.

The measure is part of the efforts made by the Customs of Mozambique to comply with one of the recommendations of the World Customs Organization in the materialization of commercial protocols among member countries with a view to exchanging information via modern means and securely