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In the Center and in the North of the Country: The use of the SeW System becomes mandatory

In the Center and in the North of the Country: The use of the SeW System becomes mandatory

03 September 2012

The use of the Single Electronic Window System becomes mandatory, starting from September 15 of this year, in the customs offices of the Central and Northern regions of the country, including the import and export regimes for the Industrial Free Trade Zones, Special Economic Zones and Duty-free Shops.

According to Félix Massangaie, the manager of the customs team in the Single Electronic Window Project (SeW), this measure is part of the phased expansion of the use of the system, as is already the case with the Ports of Maputo, Beira and in the Tete Customs.

“The SeW is a tool used for trade facilitation, in which all information is sent to a single point of entry, from where the Customs and other parties involved in the customs clearance process for goods get the data required for aspects under their responsibility”, explained Félix Massangaie.

In my opinion, there are no doubts that the SeW system “is very efficient, when compared to the system previously used, and therefore the gains in terms of the time to clear goods through customs are quite significant, apart from dispensing with the physical presence of foreign trade operators in the customs clearance offices and also avoiding the multiple entry of data.”

“We have not yet achieved the desired outcome in terms of maximizing of the customs revenue, given that the system was only operating in 4 locations, not covering all regimes, but from the analysis conducted we arrived at a conclusion that goods can be cleared through customs in one day compared to the 72 hours that were frequent in the former system.”, stressed the head of the Customs Team in the SeW.

It is to be noted that, in the Southern Region, the mandatory use of the SeW is in force since the first of September, in the Customs delegations of Ressano-Garcia, Namaacha, Matola, Customs Post of Goba, Namaacha International Road Terminal, Maputo International Road Terminal, International courier terminal, International Car Terminal I and II, International Air Terminal, International Multimodal Terminal, Customs Post of Beluluane, and also in the Customs Post of Mozal.