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Free diagnosis campaign against breast cancer

Free diagnosis campaign against breast cancer

21 April 2014


About 250 disadvantaged women from the municipal councils of Maputo and Matola selected after a pre-screening done in the health care centers on the outskirts namely: The general hospitals José Macamo, Mavalane, Chamanculo and  the Health Center of Matola 700 will benefit from a free diagnosis of breast cancer, within the scope of the campaign for early detection of this decease, launched this Monday, in Maputo, on the occasion of festivities to celebrate the Mozambican women's day.
The programme, promoted by MCNet, the company implementing and ensuring the operationalization of the Single Electronic Window, in partnership with Mozambique Customs, Ministry of Health (MISAU) and Clinicare, aims to raise awareness, inform, diagnose and give clarifications to women on all issues related with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the diseases.

The president of the Board of Administration of MCNet, Rogério Samo Gudo, said, on that occasion, “we associate ourselves with this initiative within the scope of our corporate social responsibility commitments, in the support to public health programmes of MISAU, by carrying out, in partnership with Clinicare, a free campaign for breast cancer diagnosis”.

This disease, as Mr. Samo Gudo added, “constitutes one of the major causes of death of Mozambican women, mostly due to lack of knowledge about the symptoms of this disease or for lack of economic means for a timely diagnosis, so as to reduce the  harmful effects that result in the suffering of women and, consequently, of the Mozambican families”.  

With this social project, for seven days, women from some predefined areas, aged 40 years or with a family cancer history will be covered.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, Cesaltina Lorenzoni, Director of the National Cancer Control Programme, said that it was a very important initiative, mainly because the diagnostic examination will be conduct through mammography, that is able detect lesions still in early stage of development. 

“One of the major problems that is faced is that women appear for medical consultation in the advanced stage of the disease, thus leading to high rates of morbidity/mortality and consequently, greater costs to the health system”, she stressed.

She noted that “the breast cancer's histology  depends on multiple factors, and the risk factors are family history, that is the major cause of this cancer, the reproductive history of the patients (early menarche, late menopause, hormonal imbalance ), unhealthy lifestyle , namely obesity, sedentarism and others”.

On his turn, Guilherme Mambo, Director-General of Mozambique Customs, considered as being a great honour to see the SeW associated to an action that will have a great impact on a very important element of the society, the woman: “We believe that the testing will help identify early those women that, eventually, have an indication that they may develop the disease, and, as it was said, can then follow with the treatment, he indicated.
“The SeW is already implemented all over the country and we want the system of all of us to become a catalyst, not only in the area of customs clearance for goods, but also, in other social areas, stressed Guilherme Mambo.