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Dissemination Activities

Dissemination Activities

28 August 2013

Within the frame work established Under the new transit legislation through the Ministerial Diploma 116/2013 of 08 August 2013 that revokes the previous 307/2012 of 12 November, its dissemination began in Sofala province, Beira since last 27th and 28th August of this year.


The sessions were attended by Beira external trade operators community and representatives of Malawian Customs.

The new regulation brought aspects aiming to facilitate more the external trade operations that has on its genesis achieved consensus during meetings held between the private sector and the Revenue Authority.

The aspect that deserves some attention is related to the global bonded werehouse guarantee percentage in the transit operations fixed at 35% of the total duties if the goods were for the internal market. In addition, is the aspect related to the fiscal cautions application that reduces the guarantee amount to 20% only. The regulation equally establishes the limitation of partial shipments per transit declaration to a maximum of 40.

The implementation of the new regulation will be gradual to allow a comfortable switch over by the users and minimizing congestion of the Beira Port.