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Dissemination measures of phase II

Dissemination measures of phase II

28 February 2013

The widespread use of the SeW involves the intensification of measures to raise awareness for the general knowledge about system features and benefits brought day-to-day to operators of foreign trade, including the informal sector.

In this path, a meeting between members of the association of Mukheristas and of the implementation team of the SeW, whose aim was to publicize the new means of clearance of goods and clarify issues with the proceedings before the land border through this electronic system, was held at the headquarters of the Association of Mukheristas in the Maputo neighbourhood of Maxaquene.

Because the modules to be added in the implementation of Phase II of the SeW include those for the electronic licensing of import or export of certain products, the SeW team has undertaken dissemination activities to inform and raise awareness among the entities that issue such licenses in order to integrate the SeW and start issuing and sending them electronically to Customs.

In February, SeW presentations were made to the Ministries of the Interior, National Institute of Statistics and the Central Bank of Mozambique.