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50th Anniversary of the establishment of the World Customs Organization

50th Anniversary of the establishment of the World Customs Organization

26 January 2012

Under the theme “The Borders divide, Customs unite”, the International Customs Day, for which the main activities were held in the city of Xai-Xai, in Gaza province, was celebrated on January 26th.

To mark the day, several activities were held in the city of Xai-Xai, including lectures about the Single Electronic Window system, where Domingos Tivane announced the start of operation of the system.

In Maputo, also part of the celebrations, certificates of merit were awarded to several companies, customs operators and customs officials that stood out in performance of their duties and also in the relationship with Customs of Mozambique.

The Deputy General Director of Customs, Miguel Nhane, stated that the implementation plan for the figure of the authorized economic operator, by the Revenue Authority of Mozambique (RA) is at an advanced stage.

The pilot phase had already been carried out in the Maritime Terminal (TIMAR) at the Port of Maputo, for a period of six months. The Authorized Economic Operator is the legal entity which, under its professional activity and after assessment of compliance with the criteria established by the Customs Administration, the operator is considered reliable and trustworthy, and may benefit from additional advantages in the process of customs clearance within its business as an importer and/or exporter. Addressing the RA officials, economic and customs operators, Miguel Nhane mentioned that “the current projects undertaken by Mozambique Customs fit perfectly into the theme proposed by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), as the Revenue Authority of Mozambique has defined the framework of pillars that guide to achieve modernization, professionalism, productivity and competitiveness in the execution of its activities”.

Indeed, as he added, the RA is already modernizing its services and is already carrying out, in its pilot phase, the Single Electronic Window system in the Port of Maputo - whose stage of the project was presented on the occasion by the implementation team - and also the One Stop Border at the border post of Ressano-Garcia, also in Maputo.

With regards to the implementation of the figure of the Authorized Economic Operator, Miguel Nhane also said that “the agreement has already been made with the private sector to produce a model for the application form for the adherence. A proposal of the ministerial diploma to regulate the Authorised Economic Operator was also drafted. It’s only awaiting for approval to start the implementation phase of the blue channel of the Single Electronic Window”.