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Mozambique Community Network (MCNet), is a Public Private Partnership, with the main objective to facilitate international trade and enhance the business environment in Mozambique with innovative solutions designed to facilitate international trade.

The major objectives of MCNet are the design, implementation and operation of the Single Electronic Window (SeW) in Mozambique.

A SeW is a complete trade facilitation solution that includes all infrastructure and resources necessary for an efficient, effective, sustainable and continuous operation of a system for the clearance and monitoring of goods movements.

The SeW is a system that uses tools that can integrate with any system used in the foreign trade, turning it into a flexible and powerful tool that reduces clearance times and costs. 

MCNet will provide two systems for the exchange of information that will enable a faster sharing of information among the users, government entities and others that depend on this information for their operation.

In the systems information is submitted by the user only once and all entities involved have access to this information and responses are sent simultaneously and automatically, except in specific situations where human intervention is required. 

Mozambique TradeNet (TradeNet) is the SeW server that contains a platform that allows the sharing of information among several parts involved in the processing of commercial documents for the clearance of goods.

Mozambique Customs Management System (MCMS) is a Customs Management System for the processing of goods clearance operations.

These two systems bring benefits to Mozambique Customs and to the Trading Community, such as:

  • Submission of declarations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Validation of Declarations performed automatically by the system.
  • Integrated Risk Assessment Module for Customs.
  • Payment of Duties and Taxes may be effected at any of the participating banks.
  • Automatic clearance of goods.
  • Automatic features, including risk-related features.
  • A powerful monitoring tool for Customs.
  • An integrated database enabling accurate trade statistics.
MCMS is the platform intended to provide Mozambique Customs with a computerized system for the processing and management of Customs Declarations and related activities. 

In this environment, Manifests, customs declarations and other information required is received and processed electronically.

MCMS is designed to cater for the following activities:
  • Receipt of Electronic Manifests submitted by Shipping Agents and Airlines.
  • Receipt of Electronic Declarations submitted by declarants (traders, clearing agents, travellers, and others).
  • Electronic customs clearance process
  • Electronic transmission of customs clearance approvals to Terminal Operators.
  • Payment of duties and taxes and electronic transmission of payments to the Treasury Account.
  • Electronic transmission of delivery orders from Shipping Agents to Terminal Operators.
  • Integrated system for the sharing of files between Customs Officers
  • Transfer of electronic messages between Customs, Traders and other parties concerned.
Advantages of the SeW

SeW system has the following advantages:

  • The time and cost used in the clearance process is reduced.
  • Operations are performed faster and safer with the use of computers, avoiding travel to the locations where the goods are stored.
  • Amendment of errors or omissions can be made faster.
  • Enables an increase in competitively.