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Mozambique Community Network (MCNet), is a Public Private Partnership, with the main objective to facilitate international trade and enhance the business environment in Mozambique with innovative solutions designed to facilitate international trade.

The major objectives of MCNet are the design, implementation and operation of the Single Electronic Window (SeW) in Mozambique.

A SeW is a complete trade facilitation solution that includes all infrastructure and resources necessary for an efficient, effective, sustainable and continuous operation of a system for the clearance and monitoring of goods movements.

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Exchange Rates

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26/11/2015 - 26/11/2015
Currency Rate
USD 57.62
ZAR 04.21
BGL 21.74
EUR 64.47
GBP 84.40
CHF 56.41
INR 00.87
BRL 15.28
BWP 05.38
SGD 40.96
For Customs purposes only.