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About MCNet

About MCNet


Mozambique Community Network (MCNET), was created on 2009 within the context of improving the business environment, following a Public and Private Partnership (PPP) model in accordance with current Mozambican legislation.

The company was created as a joint venture between the public and private sector, with the Government holding 20% of the total shares, another 20% held by CTA (Confederation of Trade Associations) and 60% held by a consortium of Escopil and SGS who are responsible for the implementation and operation of the Single Electronic Window (SeW).

MCNET has a concession to  implement and operate a SeW for a period of fifteen (15) years with the objective of  eliminating bureaucratic constraints that impede the development of import and export  trade thereby enhancing Mozambique’s competitiveness in the global market.

SeW is basically an electronic solution customized to take account of the conditions pertaining in the Mozambique business environment. In basic terms it involves 2 components, namely Tradenet, which manages submission of data by the trade, together with a Customs Management System (CMS) that processes declarations made to Customs and other Government agencies. The system ensures that data required for imports and exports is submitted only once and is then electronically distributed to the relevant government agencies negating the need for stakeholders to make numerous submissions and/or request.

The system observes the best practices and international standards established by such organisations as the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and embraces the principles established by the Revised Kyoto Convention.

The major gains expected from the SeW are:


  • Significant reduction on the time taken for clearance,
  • Reduction of clearance costs;
  • Transparency and consistency in customs and other import and export processes;
  • Substantial increase of the government revenue as a result of improved practices and transparency.